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I love fishing, which is ironic because I hate the taste of most fish. I’ve lived near the ocean all my life and I can’t imagine a world where the west wind is not filled with the smell of salt and the sound of the sea pounding against the shore.

Respect the sea and she may reward you. Turn your back on her for a moment and she will remind you she is there. Fear her and all is lost.

There are poets, there are warrior poets. And there are fisher poets.

But enough of that. I was inspired to start this blog after attending WordCamp San Diego 2011. The purpose of this blog will be twofold: First, to share my love of fishing the Southern California coast and second, to become an active part of the WordPress community and share what I learn here. And perhaps, on occasion, to write a bit of poetry.

My rules are simple. Talk about fishing. Write some poems. Unless otherwise noted, all photos on this site will be taken using my super-handy iPhone. Plus, I’ll be using WordPress’ mobile app to post whenever I can.

Let’s get started.

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