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Enter underwater night!

September 6, 2011

Nighttime on a pier is another world. Piers conjure a romance that whispers of distant and mysterious places and great ships to carry us there. Salt and wood and burlap and iron.

I wanted some close friends and family to experience the wonders of night fishing so we made our way to San Clemente pier to see what we might find out there in the deep.

Young Cameron caught a small yellow-fin croaker (using squid as bait) while I was waiting in line to get some dinner. Nicely done! A decent sized fish that we used as bait later in the evening.

After a lot of commotion of little girls screaming like, well, little girls, we got our lines back in the water and lucky Cameron then hauled up her next catch: A young guitarfish!

She’s quite the angler!

The guitarfish was a bit too small to keep so we tossed it back. Neither Cameron nor her sister wanted to touch it so it was up to brave Samantha to wrestle the wriggling fish off the deck and heave it over the side. It was an impressive bit of fish handling to be sure.

So impressed were the girls with our night fishing experience that I took them the next day to the Birch Aquarium in San Diego to show them the larger versions of the fish they caught, plus a whole lot more we didn’t get to see from the pier deck.

That got me to thinking about the importance of teaching younger generations to get involved with our natural world. To be a part of it and to respect it. Hopefully this will encourage them to consider careers in biology, environmental science, or other scientific fields.

Maybe it all starts with a little curiosity and a young girl laughing with delight while she dangles a fish on the end of a pole one beautiful summer’s night.

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  1. Thomas permalink
    September 16, 2011 5:05 pm

    I agree brother! Now just teach them how to gut, clean, and cook the fish and they can survive in the wild 🙂 BTW I got a Buck and doe tag this year so Bambi will be an orphan! Probably not the right venue for this but I’m a tad giddy…

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