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All in a day’s work

July 24, 2011

Shore fishing in Oceanside this weekend. Reeled in some great fish. The yellow-fin croaker in one picture is over a foot long and about 2.5 lbs. I kept dat fish! The other two are surf perch, too small for anything but pan-frying. I let them go so they can grow up to tell their children crazy stories about how they actually lived out of the water for a time after munching on a strange worm that gave them bad dreams and a mouth-ache.

The weather was a bit humid, but absolutely nothing to complain about. Temperature in the high 70s. Water temperature must have been very high 60s or low 70s. Perfect wading weather. The current was a bit strong and northward. Even with a four-ounce weight I had to reel in & cast out every 15-20 minutes before my line ended up back on the shore. Seaweed and kelp were everywhere! Lots of blooming going on.

Below is one beautiful yellow-fin croaker. Into the bucket with you, mate!


This surf perch will think twice about eating strange food!

And his brother wasn’t much smarter!

Beautiful fish though. Surf perch are easy throw-backs because they have soft cartilage mouths that make the hook easy to remove without causing excessive damage. Notice the kelp-colored stripes along its side. Makes it easy to hide out there in the underwater wilderness.

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  1. January 22, 2013 12:21 pm

    You got some nice stories and seems like a lot of experience! I just got into surf fishing not to long ago. I started a small site like yours to share and learn my experience into surf fishing. When I caught my first croaker it was a RIP! .. fun.. fun. fun. Stop by and say hello sometime.

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